Soak Up the Sun: Savor Your Summer Break While Gearing Up for School

3 min readJul 31, 2023

As the golden glow of summer pours into our days, it’s easy to forget that another school year is on the horizon. But who wants to think about homework and schedules when sandcastles are built, and picnics are to be enjoyed?

With a bit of planning and a handful of simple strategies, you can bask in the summer fun and ensure your child is ready for back to school. Here’s a guide to help you soak up every delightful summer moment while subtly preparing your little ones for the upcoming school year.

Keep the Brain Active

Summer doesn’t mean your child’s brain should be on vacation too. But let’s keep the workbooks aside for now. Instead, integrate learning into fun activities. Planning a beach day? Make it educational with a mini-lesson on marine life or a scavenger hunt with items that start with different letters.

This informal yet engaging way of learning ensures your child keeps their thinking cap on, even during the break.

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Cultivate a Reading Habit

Immersing your child in books is an excellent way to keep their minds sharp. Encourage reading for pleasure — let them choose what they want to read. It could be comics, mystery novels, or even cookbooks!

Create a cozy reading nook, host a book club, or schedule quiet reading times during the day. The key is to make reading an enjoyable part of your child’s summer routine that naturally fosters their language skills.

Encourage Healthy Sleep Habits

Summer days might blur into nights, but maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is crucial. Late nights and even later mornings can disrupt your child’s natural sleep-wake cycle, making the transition to school hours harder.

While the program doesn’t need to be as strict as school days, having a regular bedtime and wake-up time can prevent a rude shock to their system when school starts.

Incorporate Structure, Subtly

While the charm of summer lies in its unstructured nature, reintroducing a bit of structure can help ease the transition back to school. Weave simple routines into your summer days, such as consistent meal times, chores, or dedicated quiet time.

This gentle structuring won’t rob the joy of summer, but I’ll make the return to routine more manageable.

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Back-to-School Shopping: Make It a Summer Adventure

Nothing spells excitement like new school supplies. Instead of waiting until the last minute, start your back-to-school shopping mid-summer. Make it an adventure — a treasure hunt for supplies. This not only disperses the financial impact of buying everything at once but also heightens your child’s anticipation for the school year.

Cherish the Here and Now

While we subtly prepare for what lies ahead, it’s crucial to be present and savor the sunshine-filled moments of summer. Plan family outings, set up a backyard camp, or enjoy a lazy afternoon by the pool. You and your children will carry these memories into the next school year.

Remember, preparation for the next school year doesn’t mean compromising on the magic of the summer break. So dive into the ocean, relish the ice creams, and chase the fireflies. With some planning, you will be guaranteed a fun summer and a seamless transition into the school year.

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