Calming Music for Kids: The Philosophy and Power of Sound

5 min readOct 16, 2023

In the orchestra of life, every individual, regardless of age, finds a rhythm, a beat, a melody that resonates deeply with their soul. For children, especially in the tender age bracket of 2–7, this orchestra is not just about entertainment; it’s a philosophical journey, an exploration of the self and the world. Amidst the soothing lullabies that help them to sleep and the vibrant hits that get their tiny feet moving in a dance party lies a profound connection between young minds and the essence of music.

Music: A Philosophical Exploration for Young Minds

An old saying Plato once said: “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”

Dive deep into this thought, and one realizes that kids embody this philosophy in their purest form. Their universe is one of wonder, their minds ever-curious, their imaginations boundless. Introducing music into this mix is like handing them a magical tool to enhance these natural tendencies.

How to engage your kids with music

Every note they hear and rhythm they tap to is more than passive listening. It’s an active engagement with the music, a dialogue between their inner selves and the external world. A soft lullaby might comfort not just because of its rhythm but because it connects with their innate need for comfort and security. In contrast, a lively tune from a modern icon like Taylor Swift might resonate with their inherent joy and zest for life.

Musical Milestones: Growing with Melodies

Every stage in a child’s development is punctuated with musical milestones. As infants, the gentle cooing of their mothers is their first introduction to sound, a lullaby more effective than any song. As they transition into toddlerhood, the tunes become more defined. The repeated nursery rhymes, the playful kiddie songs, and even their attempts at humming or singing become markers of their growing engagement with music.

By the time they reach the age of 7, they’re not just passive listeners; they’re active participants. They have favorite songs and artists they adore, maybe Ariana Grande or another icon of their time. They dance, sing, interpret, and, in many ways, begin to understand music’s emotional depth.

This evolution, this journey with music, mirrors their growth — from dependent infants to individuals with tastes and preferences.

Dance Parties: More Than Just Fun

While calming music has its undeniable benefits, let’s not forget the pure exhilaration of a dance party. Those moments when you play the latest hits, and your little one’s eyes light up, their feet moving, hands waving, are uninhibited joy. But delve a bit deeper, and the philosophy of a dance party unfolds.

Kids Dance party. Best hits for kids

Dance parties are not just about the movement; they’re about expression. In those free-spirited dances, children explore their bodies, understand space, and, most importantly, express emotions. The happiness of hopping around, the laughter, the mock dramatic moves — all dialogue between the child and the music. It’s a physical, emotional, and, to some extent, spiritual engagement.

The Power of Sound: Beyond Just Music

While music, with its structured notes and patterns, plays a central role in a child’s life, the broader spectrum of sounds also holds significant sway. The rustling of leaves, the patter of rain, the chirping of birds — these natural sounds connect children to the world around them. They act as gentle reminders of the vast, beautiful world awaiting their exploration. In many ways, these sounds become the background score to their daily adventures, grounding them in nature and instilling a sense of wonder.

Incorporating Music and Sound: A Seamless Blend

The challenge and the adventure lie in blending various sounds and musical genres to create a rich tapestry for children. Mornings can start with the soft sounds of nature, acting as a gentle wake-up call. As the day progresses, interactive musical sessions with a mix of classics and hits, like those of Harry Styles, can take over.

These sessions can be moments of learning, bonding, and sheer fun. As the evening approaches, the tempo can slow down, with calming tunes paving the way for a restful night.

From Classics to Hits, Best music for kids

Why this blend? The answer lies in the philosophy that a child’s day should mirror the rhythms of life — the highs, the lows, the calm, and the excitement.

The Psychological Symphony: Music as a Therapist

Beyond the obvious joys of music lies a therapeutic dimension. Psychologists have long recognized the healing powers of sound. Music becomes a tool for emotional expression and stability for children, especially in the age bracket of 2–7. Consider a scenario where a child is upset and unable to articulate feelings. In such moments, a familiar tune can act as a bridge, connecting their tumultuous emotions to the calming influence of the music.

Furthermore, for children with special needs or those going through challenging situations, music therapy has shown significant positive impacts. Music’s structured yet fluid nature provides a safe space for them to express, explore, and engage. The beats, rhythms, and melodies become their voice, comfort, and sometimes, their best friend.

Music as the Soul’s Language

In the vastness of the universe, music and sounds act as anchors, guides, and as storytellers. For children, especially those in their formative years, this musical journey is more than just about entertainment. It’s a philosophical exploration to understand themselves and the world around them better.

As parents, caregivers, or educators, recognizing and nurturing this profound connection can pave the path to a rhythmic, balanced, and enriched childhood. The next time you see your child swaying to a lullaby, tapping their feet to a Taylor Swift number, or simply pausing to listen to the rain, know they’re on a philosophical journey, one note at a time.

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